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Sith vs. Sith

The Sith religions are actually older than the Jedi Order. When the Medicloriun Virus affected and spread throughout all known systems, many people with high infestation (high count) were experiencing adverse side effects. The virus does not kill (ref: “Virus Alert”, from “The True Sciences”). These fevers as they were first described (tempers, inspirations, anger, outbursts, etc.) from an individual were also accompanied with some paranormal phenomena’s. Not everyone infected had these side effects (fevers).

There were at first the True Sciences, which took on a medical scientific approach to this disease and its effects. Then came the spiritual healers, that used more of a “mind over matter” (physical) approach to this illness. They proved to be more effective in controlling the fevers, than medications from the medical science groups.

These Spiritual Healers soon turned religious. These religions turned to Orders. As religion was more effective in controlling these possessed inspirited souls, than the established medical sciences. Very few, if any medicines had any, (or partial) effect on this decease. In time, The True Sciences (medical branch) lost all credibility in the systems, as the new Religious Orders had more effective control of this infliction and other ailments. Also (in time), Mediclorien was no longer viewed as a virus, but rather as a symbiosis life form. It was accepted throughout all systems, as it now was present everywhere and in all living things.

Thousands of years passed and this side effect (fevers) was eventually called “The Force”. All persons or beings of high enough Mediclorien count could be taught by These various religious orders to control (fevers) and use the force, in a variety of ways. (ref: “Force Beginnings”)

As different religious orders came and went, more and more knowledge was gained in the control and manipulation of this force ability. One such religious order was called Jedi. They believed in the fundamental beliefs of what is today The Jedi Order. (ref: "Rise of Jedi Order") This Jedi Order, through well-organized and collective knowledge, (in time) became one single dominant Religious Order.

The biggest oppositions (threat) of the Jedi, were The Serpent Order. This order had also gained much power in its manipulation of others, using the control of the force (fevers). This soon became a leading threat to the Jedi Orders' way of seeing the use of force as a way to gain galactic control.

As thus, through years of confrontations and fighting, the Jedi Order hardened its tolerance on other religions. This soon became doctrine, that all other religions not of Jedi force users (believers) were sith. Sith was a word the Jedi used to describe infidels and non-believers. If an individual was found to be force apt. and could not be Jedi influenced, then they were Sith.

This brings us to Sith vs. Sith…
Sith Orders also warred amongst themselves, but it wasn’t the differences in faiths that were the reason to cry for war. All the Sith Orders were tolerable of other orders, including (even) the Jedi Order. All Sith Orders were even tolerable of the Serpent Order as well. That is, if they were not trying to conquer them. War between Sith Factions was mostly caused due to disputes of system, worlds and local territories that were immediately threatened by another Order. War between Siths were never due, to differences in beliefs.

The Jedi were the only order to do so. They would go to war based on beliefs. The Jedi feared The Serpent Order, and thus adopted all sith policies to them. The Jedi Order had an extreme different view, (from that Of the Serpent Order) and thus, (in time) considered all Siths to be as dangerous to them as the Serpents.

Throughout thousands of years, the Jedi have developed a low threshold of any other religions. They view all Sith Orders extreme, and must be made extinct. (ref: "Jedi vs. Sith").

NOTE: This is how Jerrid understands the history of Sith religions. His Order follows “The True Church”, and “The True Teachings”, which originated a long time ago on Othala... ...Before his people were conquered, displaced and forgotten by the Jedi/Republic, as his Order was considered a sith religion… A Millennia past…

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